Assignment 3

The New Norfolk Project

When designing the Project New Norfolk there were many things to consider ensuring a healthy and successful city we all know and love. This plan was made sure to grow in the right ways that is good for the people and environment. This is extremely important because living in a compact area like a city; the well being of the people and the city around it is the most important thing. The greatest part of this proposal is that it is multiple small changes that will have huge positive outcomes with little monetary investment from the government and taxpayers. Speaking of taxpayers, New Norfolk is an improvement project for the entire city no matter socioeconomic background. The idea is to give everybody the same aesthetic relief and city improvement. The city of Norfolk must also become greener and look for safer and more efficient energy sources. One-way Norfolk is already doing that is the Norfolk Bike Exchange, which lends bicycles to people as an alternate source of transportation.

Here is a hyperlink to a TED talk where the matter of switching energy to natural gas is discussed. This is just one more thing that the city of Norfolk should consider. Food for thought…

With this plan, there are tons multiple ideas on how to better the city. The first way the city needs to be bettered is the greenhouse emissions. Norfolk’s air quality can be improved by a couple steps like a project to plant more trees in the heart of the city. Also if the government was to remove all sales tax from seeds and bulbs so people will be more inclined to plant which in turn will produce more oxygen.  Another thing the city needs to be improved on is the energy use, which is detrimental to the city’s greenhouse emissions. On streetlights alone there should be solar panels that would absorb sun during the day and be powered through the night. It’s a small thought however could make an exceptional difference.

On top of the greenhouse and air quality goes the New Norfolk project also would like to install a program where inmates in prison are used more than they are now for public service project from picking up trash to digging ditches for drainage. This part of the plan however could prove to be unsafe to the general public if a prisoner was to escape. However it could also lead to better cooperation with the inmates and make prison a place that betters the men that are in it and could provide extra structure to their lives and to the lives of the public.

With all things considered with this plan it (hopefully) is clear that the New Norfolk project isn’t too far fetched or fetched at all. These things are extremely achievable and frankly they need to be done in one way or another for his city to not just thrive but to have further success. The technology of this plan, while having a small economic affect, helps the community in an environmental way as well as it helps in a social way (basketball court parks and dog parks) and it doesn’t cater to one class of people, its for everyone.

Prezi Presentation 


How Beer Saved the World!

From the domestication of animals, agricultural revolution, fighting disease, and simply enjoying a beverage, beer really did help shape the world, as we know it…or at the very least, it sped the process of technological advances up. This is a great documentary by Discovery and is completely backed up by scientific research and data. Any beer lover would be proud of this video!!

Abstract 1: Technology Overview and Impact

Begley, S. (2001). PROTECTING AMERICA The Top 10 Priorities. (cover story). Newsweek138(19), 26.

This dissertation “Protecting America: The Top Ten Priorities”, written post 9/11, discusses how the nation needed to protect again terrorism especially threats of anthrax. The United States after 9/11 was in a state of fear, paranoia, and patriotism. Anthrax was a tremendous threat to the U.S., however the government tried to downplay the spread and easy contamination that came along with the bacteria until the the US Post Office was hit hard with it. Once this happened, homeland security had to crack down and really asses the Bacteria and how contagious it was. It was obvious to everyone that the US was vulnerable however this article describes the government’s efforts to find those vulnerabilities before terrorists did. This was a trying time for America and especially our nations government, however the vulnerabilities of the nation did stay like that for long once the President and Homeland Security stepped in. 

This Article had some very interesting insight on what went on with the government’s struggle to contain the threat of terrorism whether it was bomb or biochemical threats. The government’s response was a bit slow but at that time anthrax was the “new kid on the block” so to speak and little was known about it, but the nation could rest assured knowing the government got he threat under control after careful assessment. Especially being ignorant to the anthrax epidemic due to my young age, it was neat to realize that anthrax and terrorism as a whole sparked a new age of technology. Terrorism single-handedly steered the government straight into a new age of protection and technology to help with that protection i.e. anthrax sensors, new filter systems, anti-bomb techniques at airports, and so on. 

Cool Article from Wired Magazine!

Check out this article. its pretty cool with insight of some new products you might not of heard about. My personal top 3 items I would steal is definitely…..

1.Kogeto Dot

-360 degrees!! that s insane, imagine the possibilities

2.Sony RDH-GTK33iP Hi-Fi Music System

-420 watt amp and the size of it…That the looks like it absolutely bumps! plus LED lights, RAGE

3.LG French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Blast Chiller

-Cheers to the blast chiller… warm drink– 5 minutes later– a chilly refreshment!

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